Darcy's Hotel Attractions

Darcy's is on the doorstep of Sydney Olympic Park and the gateway to the Blue Mountains. Olympic Park is one of the world's largest urban parklands and home of the former Olympic stadium now ANZ Stadium, Acer Arena, Aquatic Centre and Sydney Showgrounds. If you are attending sporting events, concerts, seminars or other Olympic Park activities, visiting the districts fine golf courses, schools, hospitals, aged care facilities or conducting business - Darcy's highly personalised service will ensure an enjoyable stay.

Darcy's, The Gateway to the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains form one of the most ancient landscapes in the Australian wilderness. Born underwater millions of years ago, the mountains evolved as rivers that left behind sediment creating an immense build up of sand. Now the impressive sandstone canyon walls are up to one kilometre thick, with tectonic movements, wind water and ice all contributing to the spectacular carving of gorges and valleys. It is a world of rich colour that changes throughout the day while the famous blue haze rests over the eucalypt forest. Just one hour's drive from Homebush, Darcy's is the gateway to experience this spectacular world heritage area.